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Non-slip Yoga Mat

  • DIMENSIONS (LENGTH×WIDTH×THICKNESS): 1830×610×6mm / 72’’×24’’×0.236’’; NET WEIGHT: 1kg / 2.2 lbs
  • IRIS Fitness YOGA MAT IS MADE OF THERMAL PLASTIC ELASTOMER (TPE), a newly developed and patented material that is hypoallergenic, 100% PVC free and contains no latex, rubber or toxins, WITH NO SMELL. Much lighter to carry than mats of other types of material.
  • IRIS Fitness YOGA MAT SAVES YOUR TIME AND MONEY - A LITTLE MORE EXPENSIVE, MUCH BETTER! IRIS Fitness features and only manufactures top quality Yoga mat with excellent cushioning, high elasticity and resilience. Each mat is of double layers in unique texture designs.
  • STORAGE AND CARE: STORAGE - TPE Yoga mat should be rolled up and kept in dry area when not being used. WASH – Clean once a week or whenever necessary. Do not use a washing machine or dryer. We provide two methods for reference in description. Air-dry only.
  • DUAL SIDED CLOSED SELL CONSTRUCTION, ODOURS FREE AND HYPOALLERGENIC: IRIS Fitness yoga mat is double sided, provides excellent cushioning to protect your joints and knees, high performance grip, TPE mats are hypoallergenic so you don't need to worry about odours or allergies from harmful chemicals.

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