Transformation Center

Our clients are motivated and determined to reach their goals. Just check out these transformations. The results speak for themselves.

Dana - June 2016

She has been in our Fit Force Family for one year now. Her dedication to a healthy diet and our Boot Camp program has paid off in a big way. She has lost 100 pounds, a total of 66 inches and cut her body fat percentage nearly in half.

Michael - September 2016

Michael has been working very hard over the past year and his results show it. He's lost 22 pounds, dropped his body fat to 10.2%, increased his muscle mass by 22 pounds and dropped his metabolic age by 35 years. Incredible job Michael! We couldn't be more proud of your results and we know you are too.

Veronica - September 2016

Veronica has been working hard in the gym for 6 months now and has lost 21 pounds, dropped her body fat percentage 12%, lost 16.5 inches overall and lowered her metabolic age by 31 years!!! Congratulations Veronica!

John - July 2016

John is proof that age is just a number and the only limits are the ones you put on yourself! In his 5 months at Fit Force John has lost 38 pounds and an overall total of 20.5 inches. He's lowered his body fat percentage and shaved years off his metabolic age! Congratulations John! We are so proud to have you be a part of our Fit Force family!

Tim - July 2016

This transformation is just what the doctor ordered! As a PA, Tim knows how important exercise and nutrition are to maintaining a healthy lifestyle! He has been working hard in the gym to reshape his body! He's dropped 5 pounds and 2 pant sizes but most importantly has lowered his body fat percentage and increased his muscle mass. He's become a lean, mean, weightlifting machine and bench pressing 235lbs and deadlifting 255lbs!

Sarah - January 2016

In the last couple months she's MELTED AWAY over 14 pounds and lost a total of 17 inches!! We're very proud to see her progress and cannot wait to see the 2016 version of her!

Glenn - July 2016

Glenn has been at Fit Force for about 9 months now. His dedication to attending our bootcamp classes and focus on his diet have not only earned him toned, cut abs but he's dropped his body fat percentage to 7.5%! Congratulations Glenn! Your dedication and hard work are definitely paying off! We're proud to have you on our Fit Force team!

Crystal - July 2016

It's Crystal clear that she has made health and fitness a priority in her life! I could give you stats but to be honest these pictures speak for themselves! Congratulations Crystal! We are so proud to have you as a member of our Fit Force family!

Michelle - June 2016

Not all transformations are dramatic to the world but they are dramatic to the people experiencing them. Take Michelle for example. Some might roll their eyes if she said she wanted to change but to Michelle it's important to her to have a toned healthy body. And toned it she has! She has been vigilant about her diet and our bootcamp program and it's paying off! In just 3 months she has lost 8lbs and 5.4% body fat! As you can see in her pictures she has sculpted her arms, shoulders and legs and increased her flexibility as well! Congratulations Michelle! We think you look amazing!

James - January 2016

James started his health and fitness journey in October of 2014, weighing in at 240 pounds, with a 43 inch waist. Today, this same man weighs 185 pounds and trimmed that waist down to 33 inches!!! Overall James has melted off 55 pounds and trimmed a total of 15 inches around his body! We are super proud of your progress, and we are so happy to have you part of our team!

Heather - January 2016

In the last 4 MONTHS we've watched this girl transform before our eyes... She has MELTED 10% BODY FAT, Trimmed 6.5 INCHES OFF HER WAIST (for total of 12 inches lost), and improved overall performance in and outside the gym! This mother of 3, holds a professional career, and STILL makes it for every training session!

Jim - January 2016

In less than two months (one of them being December!) he's melted off 12% body fat, trimmed 3 inches off his waist, and dropped 5 pounds! The best part of all this is that he's only 71 years young!